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Sean Astin

Actor - Producer - Director

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Are you a fan of Sean Astin?
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belleferret wrote in sean_astin_news
Is The Goonies the memory of your childhood, with adventure around every corner and treasure in the attic? Did Rudy show you that determination and persistence can win you your dreams? Did Samwise show that size is no indication of courage when there are love and loyalty in your heart? We should thank Sean for these incredible life lessons.

Did Doug’s lisp and pec dance make you laugh? Did Mister Smith make your heart ache? Did Billy Tepper set your heart racing? Dave, Lynn McGill, Twoflower, Harrison Bergeron, Raphael, Special Agent Oso… all these memorable characters and more were created by Sean Astin. He has given us countless hour of entertainment. We should thank him for that.

Did Sean’s #run3rd campaign inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle, to get off the sofa and start walking or running? To eat healthier and exercise more? Did he #run3rd for you, with your cause in his heart? He is owed ours thanks for that.

Are you tired of the partisan politics and bickering? Do you want a place to hear the issues of the day discussed without rancor and shouting? Sean has an answer for that: his podcast “Vox Populi: The Voice of the Occasionally Interested People.” You can check it out here: http://toadhopnetwork.com/f/Vox.

Now Sean has started a Kickstarter campaign to improve his show. This is something very close to his heart; it matters to him. You can check out the details and progress of his campaign, and the different reward levels at http://startthevox.com. Please pledge. The amount doesn’t matter. Every dollar helps, though there is no way we can really repay him.

But this is a way to thank him.