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Sean Astin

Actor - Producer - Director

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ferret heart
belleferret wrote in sean_astin_news
Here are some of the news items posted in the last week or so on the Sean Astin: Hope Unquenchable blog.

• More behind the scenes pics from "Out West."

• Lovely high resolution images of Sean as Mayor Wayne in "Love's Christmas Journey" and a trailer for the 4-hour movie. Here's a lower res preview!

• News of another new movie that Sean will begin filming in a week.

• Pics from recent appearances, including the premiere of "And They're Off," a fan sighting at Kinko's, an appearance at the Wedgwood Circle Annual event, and a new self-portrait!

• Sean's narration of a heartwarming story airing on ESPN this week.

For those who want to get their updates via their Facebook news feed, I've created a Sean Astin: Hope Unquenchable Facebook Page. Like me and get all the news items on your Facebook home page! Or if you prefer, you can follow me on my "Fan of Sean Astin Twitter feed.

And finally, I've gotten wind of yet another possible movie Sean may be working on soon. I'm waiting for confirmation!

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I'm so excited to see 'And They're Off' next week!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you're putting into the blog. It's amazing what you've accomplished!! *hugs you*

Eeeee! You're so lucky to be able to see it! I hope it comes near here.

Thank you! I certainly started it at a good time; there's been a veritable flood of Sean news!

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