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Sean Astin

Actor - Producer - Director

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Want to be an extra in Sean's latest movie?
ferret heart
belleferret wrote in sean_astin_news
The producers of "Out West" are looking for extras for a barn dance scene tomorrow in Mancos, Colorado!

See details and lots more about this new movie on my blog: http://seanastinfan.blogspot.com

Other new posts cover:

• the premiere of "And They're Off" at the Hollywood Film Festival October 22 plus new pics and clips
• great new photos from "Love's Christmas Journey" which airs on the Hallmark Channel on November 5
• his call-in interview on a UK radio station this week
• more behind the scenes news from "Amazing Love" which he just finished filming earlier this week, including pics with Patty Duke
• Sean and his family at Disneyland last weekend